&Piano launches ’88 Keys’ Friends scheme

During our online concert on Saturday, &Piano was thrilled to announce the launch of our new friends scheme – ’88 Keys’.

It’s a way for followers of the festival to support us even more, by sponsoring a key on our special ‘&Piano’ Piano! A traditional piano has 88 keys, and so we’re offering them all to be sponsored for an annual donation from just £10.

We want to be a music festival for everyone, so we do not want to ask for large donations. However, a small contribution can go a really long way to helping us offer a wider range of accessible & innovative events, in our aims to encourage more people to enjoy & experience amazing live music.

A number of our keys have already been taken since Saturday, and you can join by signing up below – you can request a specific key, but be quick – it might already have been taken!

Join today by visiting our 88 Keys page here.