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You can find information about all our festival events below, and you can buy tickets by clicking on the ‘Buy Tickets’ link under each event. We highly recommend you purchase your tickets in advance, although tickets can be available on the door, and we do accept card payments.

If you’d like to attend more than one event there are multi-ticket options available, and tickets become cheaper than more events you attend! Furthermore, you can upgrade your ticket at any stage of the festival, and you’ll only pay the cheaper discounted price – we want as many people in our community as possible to have the opportunity to affordably attend live music.

&P 2023 Event #2 | Instrumental – Something Old, Something New

19 May 2023

7:30-9:30pm | St James' Church, Slaithwaite

Avenue Ensemble (Violin: Tom Greed, Viola: Lourenço Sampaio, Cello: Dan Bull & Double Bass: Nathan Knight, Piano: Christopher Pulleyn)

Franz Schubert's Piano Quintet & iconic music from Film, TV & Video Games.

Avenue Ensemble - a Leeds based collective of professional musicians, joins us this evening to perform a programme of two halves, showing how classical music styles and sounds have changed and evolved.

First, you'll hear one of the most joyous and uplifting pieces for a small ensemble ever written - Franz Schubert's Piano Quintet (nicknamed 'The Trout'....we'll explain later...) After which, they'll just to the present day to perform a arrangements of some of the most iconic music written for TV, Film & Video Games.

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&P 2023 | Family&Piano – A journey in the jungle

20 May 2023

11-12pm - The Civic, Slaithwaite (Doors open 10:30am)

Edward Robinson (Baritone), Rachel Fillhart (Clarinet) and Jenny Martins (Piano).

Family&Piano is back for another musical adventure! This time, we're off on a journey into the jungle....bring your binoculars, and make sure you don't make too much noise, as we'll be looking for all sorts of exciting and exotic animals - both big and small!

Join us on Saturday 20th May at 11am for a short 40-50 minute concert using music to help tell a story and take us all on a fun adventure.

This event is suitable for toddlers and small children up to the age of about 7/8 years old. 

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&P 2023 | Relaxed Free Lunchtime Performance

20 May 2023

1-1:40pm |. The Civic, Slaithwaite

Rachel Fillhart (Clarinet), Jenny Hobbins (Piano) & Edward Robinson (Baritone)

Enjoy a completely free short performance of great animal-themed music by three fantastic classical musicians. For this event we have a laid-back approach to noise and activity for this performance, meaning you are free to pop in and out, move around. Perfect for if you want to enjoy a bit of music in the middle of the day with your family, or for anyone who might struggle with typical concert conventions like keeping still or quiet.

Tickets are absolutely free, but you might wish to make a donation when you reserve your tickets online before the performance, or you can make a donation if you wish on the day, after the performance.

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&P 2023 Event #3 | Song – From Knoxville to New York

20 May 2023

7:30 - 9:30pm | St James' Church, Slaithwaite

Jonathan Fisher (Piano), Samuel Jackson (Baritone), Hayley Swanton (Soprano)

Music by Samuel Barber, Florence Price, and Leonard Bernstein and classic broadway hits from Guys and Dolls, Annie Get Your Gun, and West Side Story

This year, &Piano is extremely fortunate to welcome one of the finest collaborative pianists in the North - Jonathan Fisher - who is joined by Soprano Hayley Swanton and Baritone Sam Jackson to take you on an enthralling and entertaining journey through America's most compelling musical landscapes.

Jonathan, Hayley and Sam will take you on a musical trip documenting the sound of America - from the forging of its young, industrial, modern, super-power identity, it's struggle with slavery and civil rights, to the influence that spirituals, blues, ragtime and jazz had on some of it's most popular music. From a warm summer’s evening in Knoxville, Tennessee to Broadway’s most iconic sights and sounds, you'll experience music that summarises the highs and lows of the American Dream - from profound and reflective, to catchy, witty and down-right fun!

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&P 2023 | Young Musician Showcase

21 May 2023

3pm | St James' Church, Slaithwaite

Join us for an afternoon of fantastic performances from a selection of some of the most talented young instrumentalists and singers from around Kirklees and Calderdale!

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Slaithwaite is a beautiful village in the scenic Colne Valley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. There are many excellent cafés, pubs and restaurants to enjoy something to eat and drink. It is nearby from J23 coming from Manchester or J24 coming from Leeds on the M62. The Civic is a short walk away from Slaithwaite train station, and hourly trains stops there from Manchester & Huddersfield. There are also regular buses (181, 183, 184, 185) from Huddersfield that stop at Slaithwaite.

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